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Lost Fic

Do you ever feel like to you have to save a story as soon as you find it, even if you haven't read it, just to make sure the internet doesn't eat it or the fandom dies?

The HL fandom has been THE worst when it comes to recovering fic one has lost. Old TS stories are easily found using the WBM, but so many HL authors used SlashCity and the like and many great stories are GONE! Was the reality of being "outted" as a writer of smut that great that fics had to be hidden so well as to never be found - "Oooh look, I found HL fic! It was hidden behind Jimmy Hoffa".

Some fanfics are like looking at old photos. It's not so much what was in the photo, but how & where *you* were in your life at the time -those are the memories and feelings you want to relive.

I found one of my favorite authors on LJ and six years ago wrote to them looking for a story that has a broken link on their site. I never found it and thought I'd try again yesterday since there wasn't anything else to do doing the winter storm we were having. I went to my LJ messages to find the title of the fic and for some reason I can't open any of my messages!{piss&shit} And now I can't even remember the name of the story to ask my friends to see if they have a copy. :-(

Spending over, I'm embarrassed to say, five hours going through bookmarks and find very few still working and even fewer that the WBM has tracked left me in a funk.

I do miss the pretty graphics of websites that were used back in the day!